Bloggers’ Breakfast at AAS

It’s become a tradition for China Beat contributors and friends of the blog to assemble at the Association for Asian Studies annual meeting (as well as at the American Historical Association’s meeting) for a “bloggers’ breakfast” that provides China Beatniks the chance to get together and meet face-to-face — often for the first time, since so much of our business is conducted via e-mail. Last Saturday morning, we gathered at a Starbucks near the AAS conference site and talked about China, writing, and many other topics over coffee and pastries. A couple of photos from the AAS 2010 bloggers’ breakfast:


Pictured (clockwise beginning at lower center): Susan McEachern (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers), Jeff Wasserstrom (UC Irvine), Samuel Liang (University of Manchester), Jeff Gammage (The Philadelphia Inquirer), Daniel Little (University of Michigan, Dearborn), Stephen MacKinnon (Arizona State University), and Rebecca MacKinnon (RConversation)

P3270033Pictured (L-R): Rebecca MacKinnon, Susan McEachern, Jeff Wasserstrom, Stephen MacKinnon, Samuel Liang, Daniel Little

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