China Beat Contest: Win a Book!

By Maura Elizabeth Cunningham

While I commented here last week that Hawaii summons thoughts of an old Nancy Drew mystery in my mind, several China Beat readers have written in to mention that they more readily associate the islands with a classic three-part Brady Bunch episode in which the whole family travels to Hawaii and undergoes a run of bad luck. Now that we know so many China Beatniks are also Brady Bunch fans, we’re linking the two in a small contest open to readers joining us at the bloggers’ breakfast this Saturday morning during the Association for Asian Studies meeting in Honolulu. Write down your answer to this trivia question, bring it to breakfast, and you could win a signed copy of Jeff Wasserstrom’s latest book, China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know.

The question:

Which famous horror film start played Professor Whitehead, the vicious archaeologist who menaced the Brady clan during their Hawaiian vacation?

A reminder: the bloggers’ breakfast will begin at 8am in the Starbucks Coffee at the Ali’i Tower Plaza, across from the Penguin Pond, in the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

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