A Chat with Henry Kissinger

By Rana Mitter

I was recently asked to interview Henry Kissinger for BBC radio, on the occasion of the publication of his new book On China. Something of an unnerving prospect – on the one hand, clearly one of the most controversial figures of the Cold War, on the other, one of the few still left who can claim to have taken part in an event that really did change the way the world works. We had time for an extended conversation, which stretched from his views of Truman and Eisenhower, through the Nixon visit, to more contemporary issues of human rights and democracy. I think there are some interesting answers there, some of which we haven’t heard before from Kissinger. Though I do regret that the BBC cut my question about whether he identified with Li Hongzhang (he said he didn’t… but he understood him).

The interview is available through this weblink until 10 pm UK time on Wednesday 1 June.

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