Live from Toronto, It’s AAS 2012

For the past several years, we’ve organized an informal meet-and-greet at the Association for Asian Studies annual meeting, the “China Beat Breakfast.” That won’t be taking place this year, unfortunately, though consulting editors Jeff Wasserstrom and Ken Pomeranz will be at the meeting in Toronto this weekend—so say hi if you see them. We do, however, want to share highlights from the conference with our readers (as we’ve done in previous years) and would appreciate some help from you in making this possible.

Tell us about the panels you go to, the China Beatniks you meet, and the cool publications you see in the book exhibit. Send us an email (thechinabeat[at]gmail[dot]com) or tweet at us (@chinabeat) and we’ll put together a crowdsourced post to run next Tuesday. If you’re going to the meeting, have a great time in Toronto!

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