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We were amused to see that the most recent Sinica podcast was ominously titled “Death of the China Blog,” since here at China Beat we feel very much alive. To our relief, however, the discussion (among host Kaiser Kuo, Imagethief’s Will Moss, and Danwei’s Jeremy Goldkorn — who was good enough to do an interview with us last month) ended with the happy conclusion that while the China blogosphere has changed quite a bit in the past few years, it’s still going strong. We heartily agree.

We are sad to see one blog we’ve grown quite attached to go on hiatus for a bit: over at Six, Alec Ash has announced that he’s taking a break and will reinvent and relaunch his site in the coming months. Fortunately, we can still follow Alec’s writings in other venues, as he has a piece on China’s young climate-change activists at The Economist, as well as an article in Prospect magazine about foreign students in China (available to subscribers only).

Though the Sinica podcasters discussed only the English-language China blog scene, we’ve also become aware of a couple non-English blogs that we’ve begun following, and with the improved quality of Google Translate, fluency in a foreign language isn’t required to read them. In Italian, check out Cineresie; for Spanish-language China news, head over to ZaiChina.

So, it doesn’t seem that the time has come yet to proclaim the death of the China blog, but tune in to the Sinica podcast for a lively and well-informed discussion of the great China blogs on the web today. We’re happy to say that we heard some kind words about China Beat, and very much return the sentiment — these Sinica podcasts have quickly become one of our weekly “must-listens.”