The New Red Guards

New Red Guards

“Far out to the East of Beijing, past the city’s fifth ringroad, the Cultural Revolution isn’t over yet. In a themed restaurant, performers dressed up as red guards sing and dance on stage, while punters (the average age under 30 on the night I went) lap it up. They’re cheering the time when their parents or grandparents may have been horribly persecuted.”

— Alec Ash, Six

Editor’s note: This is the final installment in a 16-photo series that Alec Ash has done for The China Beat on the theme of “Young China.” We’d like to thank Alec for his long-term commitment to this project, which began last September, and hope to bring you another of these gradual photo essays in the future. Head over to Danwei to see Alec’s most recent publication there, “Tiananmen Turns Twenty-One.”

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